T-Sport Formula 3

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Shifter Kart Training

Technical Specification:

0-60 mph – 3.2 seconds
Top Speed – 115 mph
125cc 6 Speed Sequential Pavesi Engine (producing 48 bhp at 13500 rpm)
Tonykart Chassis including magnesium hubs, carriers and Tillet Seat
OTK Hydraulic disc brakes front & rear with brake bias adjuster
DEM Dunlop tyres with magnesium wheels

High levels of G-force combined with heavy and positive steering force in a Formula 3 car result in an extremely demanding and intense environment in which the driver must be both fit and strong in order to drive effectively. Improving both physical and mental fitness is paramount to becoming a successful Formula 3 driver; and the KZ2 Kart provides a great tool for drivers to develop.Working with proven kart engineers; drivers run through structured programmes to work on endurance, consistency and technical application of racing lines and circuit use. Driving on traditional kart circuits with front and rear braking, 6 speed sequential gearbox and a power-to-weight ratio similar to F3; drivers experience the same aspects of an F3 car but in a much more intensive workout. The benefit to this is that when getting back into the F3 car, drivers feel that everything happens much more slowly and naturally; resulting in improved consistency and feedback.

“Driving the kart for an hour was like spending 3 full day sessions in the gym! The amount of strength and concentration required to drive the KZ2 was astonishing, it made my brain hurt the first time I drove it. Not only did my fitness improve significantly after driving the KZ2; but my mechanical understanding of left foot braking, blipping on downshifts and the feeling on the limit all radically improved..”
Spike Goddard

Base Performance Simulator

Shifter Kart Training

6-Post Rig