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Base Performance Simulator

We have worked hard over several years in conjunction with Base Performance Simulators (BPS) to build and develop a bespoke Formula 3 Simulator.

The simulator uses a Formula 3 chassis with a sequential gearbox taken from the actual race car which gives perfect realism. Indeed everything has been tailored to include as many actual car components as is physically possible within the simulator environment. The same can be said for the pedal box which is easily adjustable but includes the full clutch and hydraulic brake system, and the Bosch steering wheel display which gives the same information as a driver would see in the real racing car. Coupled with the BPS five metre curved screen, it gives the driver an experience as close to actual racing as is possible outside of the actual Formula 3 car.

Each of the driver sessions in the simulator is conducted by the driver's Race Engineer thus enabling the driver and engineer to have close correlation between issues on the circuit which can then be improved in the simulator. As with a real circuit test session, we collect and keep lap times and lap data which can then be overlaid with real time circuit data. Using the same engineering techniques as would be used for a normal circuit test, a driver can see improvements easily and clearly between simulator sessions. .

"Having the chance to use the T-Sport simulator between race and test events has helped me improve both my driving technique and consistency during the course of the 2012 season.  After driving the simulator, I am able to arrive at circuits knowing what I need to concentrate on and look at in order to improve my lap times"
Nick McBride

Base Performance Simulator

Shifter Kart Training

6-Post Rig